Saturday, July 9, 2016

Back to the bees

Can you find the queen?

Hive 1 looked great! Lots of eggs, brood,  larvae, stores, and 7 frames almost ready to harvest!

Hive 3 looked good! Lots of eggs, larvae, and the beginnings of some nectar and pollen stores (though we are still feeding this split). We were very encouraged to see this hive doing so well.

Hive 2 still has no signs of a queen. It could be weather related, as the virgin queen may not have been able to make her mating flights entirely.

Or maybe she didn't make it back? 

We gave this hive a frame of eggs from hive 1 so that if they need to make a new queen, they can! 

They do have a little start to stores, which will help them once they have a queen.

Here are some pics of the bees working the clover in the yard.


  1. No, can't see the queen.... possibly because she is holding the camera ;)

    1. Na, it is just a handmaiden holding the camera, lol!

      Her majesty can be seen 2nd pic, about 1/3 of the way from the left, and the 2nd bee down.