Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Seven? Really? Yep!

Happy birthday to my 7 year old!

He was excited beyond belief all day long!

He chose nachos with bean/beef dip.

He got some water guns, a need gun and the movie zootopia.

He also got a promissory note for a gift that has not yet come - and won't for a few weeks! (Hence why I went out to get zootopia!) Since Justice is a great reader, anyone here who is curious will just have to stay tuned to see what his big gift is!

Happy birthday, Buddy! 

You are such an invaluable blessing to our family. You are rough and tumble and talk often about protecting your family. But you are also very compassionate, especially towards Callie, who is your best friend.

You are very black and white in your thinking. You struggle to understand how others can come to a different conclusion than you do. You are absolutely loving getting back to a more hands on together based school! You love exploring outside, gardening, harvesting, and the honey bees!

You love riding your bike, and looking for treasures, especially after a school project to find a hidden tomb while studying ancient Egypt. 

You are a wonderful role model for your younger siblings, too!

Justice, I am so proud of you! I look forward to seeing how God uses you in the future.

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