Monday, June 27, 2016

Notes from the Hives

Our first hive, is doing great! They raised up a new queen and is laying. They are making honey. Lots of activity coming and going from the hive. They are using boxes 2 and 3 for brood, instead of 1 and 2, so we switched boxes 1 and 2, hoping to encourage them to use that box. There were lots of bees filling in comb and getting it ready, so I am hoping once it is ready that the queen will go to town to fill it up with brood and the field workers will fill in the nectar and pollen!

We found the queen!

Dead brood from hive 3, either chilled or starved...yeah, I am a bad beekeeper. But I am learning!

Hive #2 is the swarm from the first swarm we caught the queen with the swarm, and saw that she was laying. But it was mostly drones and kind of sporadic. The hive decided to raise up a new queen and kill this one. We are still waiting for this queen to begin to lay. We hope she hatched ok, and that she is ready to take her mating flights this week! But the swarm population has gone from 9 frames to 5 frames and their stores of honey and pollen have been severely depleted. We are feeding them sugar water and pollen patty right now. We took off their 2nd brood box as they do not have enough bees to protect that much space.

Hive #3 has a purchased queen. We made a split in case hive #2 doesn't get the queen going. Unfortunately, the hive population has gone from 5 frames to 1 1/2 frames. There were only 2 eggs and almost no brood. The brood looks like it was starved! I wasn't feeding them enough and the stores from the frames I started them with were totally gone! So, we added 2 more frames of bees and larva and eggs from the parent hive, along with a pollen patty and sugar water...hoping this hive looks better, and has lots of eggs when we recheck week. The queen looks good though, so we will give her the benefit of the doubt for now!

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