Saturday, June 11, 2016

My wildflowers are in!

Yesterday, my wildflowers arrived from American meadows. Here are the packets, which smell amazing!

We have more than 100 varieties of wildflowers in the mixes that we selected.

God is absolutely incredible! Look at the variation in the seeds!

We mixed the seeds with sand for a more even spreading of them.

Then put them in the spreader!

We were able to get 1 main area planted, between the garden and the chicken run. The chickens were not happy I was spreading seed so close, and yet so far away, lol!

But the bee area is going to take a bit more time!

Once planted the seeds need to stay moist to germinate, fortunately we have a pretty solid week of rain ahead.

Our goal in this project is to make a maintenance nightmare of an issue low maintenance (reseed a small amount each spring, mow once late fall), to help the bees by providing nectar rich flowers, and to make it pretty in the process!

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