Thursday, June 30, 2016

Midwife Appointment

We officially have a midwife! We are looking at a home birth, probably mid to late November.

Today was my first midwife appointment. Justice came along.

He had lots of questions...which Roxanne took the time to answer. She asked if he wanted to see the way the baby sits in the womb. (Of course he did!)

She pulled out her visual aids.

Justice said, "Oh, this is the pelvic girdle, or butterfly bone, I see how the baby sits in there. Where would you pee from?"

Roxanne replied, "this is just the boney structures."

"Ok, so the renal system is not there. But where would it be? And is this a boy or a girl pelvic girdle?"

"Well, there are differences between girl and boy pelvic girdles, but this one doesn't show those."

"With a baby this has to be a girl though, because they are the only ones with a womb."

"Here, I is a book that shows some differences. By the way, How old are you?"

"I just turned 7 last week."

The conversation went on... the two of them looked at a book about pregnancy. Justice started turning pages and asking questions.

"What is that?" He asked looking puzzled at a page near the front of the book.

"That is how the baby is made."

"Remember the seed and the egg?" I added.

"Oh. I didn't know they looked like space tadpoles and planets!"

Then it was time to hear the baby. Justice got to listen to his heart with the stethoscope .

"I can only hear 2 chambers of my heart. Why can't I hear all 4?"

"Justice, we will talk more about that this week when we learn about how the heart works." I quickly interjected.

Then it was time for my blood draw.

"Oh, I love blood!" He said.

"What do you like about it?" Roxanne asked.

"Well, I like the white blood cells the best because they are the soldiers and wariors, attacking germs to keep me healthy."

"Yes! Wow, you are exactly right!"

"And without my red blood cells, oxygen couldn't get to my cells, and I couldn't live, so I like those, too. They also make my blood red. And if God didn't make plasma, it couldn't flow through my body. And without the clotting agents, I would bleed to death when I got hurt. Like the time I was cleaning under the couch in the motorhome and it closed on me."

"That sounds painful."

"Yes, it was. How are you going to test mommy's blood?"

"She will have to poke me, and then fill up small tubes," I said, seeing Roxanne wasn't quite sure what to say to this. "The poke hurts a tiny bit, but then I won't really feel it."

He was fascinated and watched the whole thing!

The appointment took almost double the time it should have.

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  1. Wow!! What an awesome little man. He KNOWS so much!! Great job, Michelle.