Sunday, June 26, 2016

June homestead projects

The "desert"

Children's garden mural

The caterpillar 

Bee yard got new landscaping - can't wait to keep the progress of this over the next couple months as the wildflowers grow and bloom!

Grape arbor is really coming along! Look forward to competing this, hopefully next month!

9 chicks have arrived and look good!

Garden progress - everything g is growing very well!

Squash and potato garden.

Chicken flock - or most of them!

Cows are doing well and growing! We may be ready to slaughter at the end of July or August.

Serenity putting her handprints in the last post for the grape arbor for this year. Ultimately, this will be 80' long. This year we will do 32'.

Fruit trees are just loaded this year! We are excited to see the fruit getting bigger!

Asian pears

Bartlett pears


Front garden

Mama hen with chicks.

This area is between the chicken yard and the garden, we planted it 2 weeks earlier in wildflower is a low maintenance way to add flowers for the honeybees.

Love the eggs we get!

Berry patch looks good. We will even get some berries this year!

A d that is it. The end of July,w e will check out the progress again!

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