Saturday, June 18, 2016


I feel like such a home steader will come as it is raining  hard right now!

Finished landscaping bee yard...this has been a huge project over the last couple weeks! So glad to have it behind me! I can hardly wait until the wildflowers are in bloom!

Constructed 25 new bee frames and found components to make 3 new hives, or most of what we need for them. Still need one more top and bottom. Next time we can get out there with good weather, we will be splitting the big hive into a total of 4 hives.

 Slaughtered 3 turkeys and a rooster.

Mapped out where to dig holes for the grape arbor.

Harvested strawberries.

Taught Bible , history, science and spelling in our homeschool this morning.

All in all, not a bad day! Dinner is in the  crock pot, dh and I will go out for a date!

Again, pictures will follow once I can get out there. We had some major sudden rain that even caused some flash flooding around our property as we were finishing! Praying that the wildflower seeds I just planted were not washed away!

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