Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's day!

Happy Father's day to the most amazing earthly father I know, my amazing husband! He is a wonderful daddy to our children!

He makes up stories to tell them. He very clearly sees when something is wrong with them. He almost always has someone on his lap. He plays games with them. He chases them and tickles them...even if they get hurt, it is not long before they are asking him to do it again!

He is intelligent, handsome, hard working, faithful, kind, patient, humble, joyful, quick to forgive, steadfast, trustworthy, responsible and so much more! Most importantly he is God fearing. He seeks to be the leader of his family and to follow after Christ by example. I am honored that he chose me to be his wife and am so glad he is the amazing example of what a real man is to our children!

On this father's day, I also want to take the time to say thanks to another awesome father, my father in law. He has always been willing to help in anyway that he can. He is able to make or build anything. He is a a loving father and grandfather. He is faithful. And truly we do not know what we would do without him, either!

I thank and praise God for these men!

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