Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting back to blogging

Hello...or maybe that should say, hello? With so much time between posts!

Here it is coming up on the middle of already. As always we have stayed busy. Here are some highlights.

Serenity after saying she was not tired!

Caleb and Ashley .

School time

Cuneiform tablets



Water play

Field trip to Uwajamiya .

Making Egyptian arm bands.

Callie's new wheelchair.

The "tomb" our archeologists had to find and excavate.

Serenity's first hair cut. (Sniff, sniff - we have no more toddler curls at our house right now.)

This was taken upon my request for mother's day. I feel so incredibly blessed!

The twins made the hats and wings for a drama performance.

Advanced band at the last concert.

Littles going to their first concert. Seren wanted to wear the typical black/white, and we talked her out of it, explain it would be the only time she could wear color, lol!

Callie at the train museum.

Bailey and Judah on the train.

View from the train.



Train museum

Volcano fun!

Measuring fat co tent in different foods.

Making mycinian boats.

Happy birthday, Christopher!

Building gingerbread Parthenons.

Happy birthday, caleb!

Happy birthday, Ashley!

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