Sunday, June 19, 2016

From our children

Happy Father's day from our children! I asked the children 2 questions: what is your favorite thing about your daddy and what makes your dad a good dad?

Judah, "I like it when daddy plays a show with me. Daddy tells me stories and tickles me."

Serenity, "God gave me the best daddy! He made dad a good person. My daddy has a good lap!"

Justice, "I like it when daddy has a tickle fight with me. And when he plays tag! My daddy is a good daddy because he honors God."

Callie, "Daddy is a hard worker. He trusts God. Daddy helps me with just about anything. I like it when he has days off of work. And that he will take days off if I need him with me. I like that he plays with me. He is a good daddy!"

Brianna, "My favorite thing daddy does with me is have tickle fights! He is a good daddy because he believes in God.

Ashley, "When I have a hard day, he is always there for me. When I am sad, he tickles me."

Bailey, "My favorite things about daddy...that is hard! He just knows if I have had a hard day and he listens."

Anna, "My favorite thing about daddy is that when I need a hug, he is always there. His door is always open. He gives good council."

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