Thursday, February 25, 2016


We would love to bring Andrew, Kiera, Melinda and Toby home. We still question whether they are just 'throwing us a bone' because we expressed interest first or if we have a genuine shot at being selected as their new family. And we may have a paperwork/timing issue for our state foster/adoption classes.

But there is another sibling group, in Colombia, where we think we may have a better chance at being selected.

Compositionally, the sibling groups are very similar. One is 5-10, the other 6-11. Both are 2 girls, 2 boys. Both have been in care for a long time, 5-6 years, since the youngest sibling was a baby.

Colombia is obviously more expensive. It is a process that will take a lot of paperwork and 5-9 months to get them home.

Domestic can be messy, too, though. It involves independent state governments to work together and give permission to move the children from one state to another. It is less expensive, but realistically, we would still be potentially 6 months out to bring them home - then another 6 months of mandatory public school.

Prayer would be greatly appreciated!

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