Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Due to an infection, and waiting up for my husband, I have found a little time for an update.

A lot has happened since my last post!

We are still hoping to adopt. Though, I am kind of losing hope that it might indeed happen.

We had a baby! Caleb Michael was born in May 28th, 2015. He is the most calm baby we have ever had. Until this week! He had a tongue tie clipped on Friday, and has struggled with contentment since then. He is also getting himself up to a sitting position, and just about ready to crawl!

We also had puppies from Forté and Maple in June - then again from Maple in December! Here is Maple's latest litter.

She had 3 girls and 1 boy. All of them have found great homes!

Here are some pics from the last few months.

Justice, 6 years old.

Judah, 3 years old.

Callie, 8 years old.

From left Serenity, Judah, Caleb, Anna, Ashley, Brianna, Bailey, Callie, Justice

Caleb, Bailey, Serenity, Brianna, Ashley, Judah, Anna, Callie, Justice

Bailey and Anna, 15 years old

Oops...this is not where the cows should be...

Anna, trying to coax Beef back to the field.

My bir girls

The puppies as newborns.

Serenity, 5 years old.

Beef, left, Burrito, right. They are about 9 months old here.

Caleb, in the bearded hat Anna made (she makes things up as she goes out of her head!)

Serenity in the dress Bailey made for her and gave her for Christmas. Bailey has learned how to smock! This is now Serenity's favorite dress!

Happy new year Ashley, 11 years old.


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