Saturday, November 1, 2014

why no posts in 3 weeks?

That is actually a funny story...there were no posts, because I was effectively locked out of blogger!

I got a notice that said this is a protected blog, and I needed permission to view it. It took me awhile, but it is now fixed!

Though we have also had a seriously busy October!

Mondays and wednesdays have been spent getting naet allergy elimination treatments done...for all 9 of us, in Shoreline!

Tuesdays are piano lessons for Ashley, Brianna and Callie. Private flute lesson for Bailey and sax lesson for Anna. Drama for the older 3, and orchestra for Anna and Ashley...all after a full day of school for all 3 of those days! We do not need to leave the house until noon, and get home at 7:15ish.

Thursdays are choir and band days. All day in granite falls, no other school gets done those days!  We leave at 8:15 and get home about 7pm.

Fridays we have our other appointment days...adoption conference calls, medical appointments, pt for Callie, chiropractor, errands/shopping, etc.

November looks about the same..
Then we will be out of appointments for naet fr this year for everyone! Yay! And they should have each cleared 24 items and be in better health for it! Monday most of the children clear mold. The others clear vitamin A. The following week it will be beans/lentils on Monday and dairy on Wednesday. I am looking forward to knocking out these major allergens from my family! I also look forward to things slowing down in December to really enjoy the holidays!

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