Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This is an update from the attorney.

"Chelsea: This is the intervention case involving the 5 siblings under 6 years of age. There have been a development. It appears that due to timing issues and other legal issues, the State will be proceeding on the termination of parental rights for the oldest 4 of the sibling group and a case plan will be developed for the three month old for possible reunification. It is complicated but the bottom line is that Chelsea is very interested in finding a family to adopt the four older children AND in the event she cannot successfully complete the case plan for the youngest, she wants the family who adopted the older four to be prepared to adopt the youngest, should that be necessary (and that may be in a month or a year from now.)

"At this time, I have received four "informal" packets of information that I am sending to her for her review (see below). At this time it is not 100% certain that she will go forward but I have made plans to meet with the father of three of the children tomorrow - he is incarcerated. At that time, I will have a better idea of the timing issues and a clearer picture of the legal issues."

He also posted this:

 "Family A resides in Florida and they have 16 children (nine child not adopted and seven adopted) ranging from 2 to 22 years in age.

"Family B resides in Washington and they have 8 children ranging from 13 to 2 years. None were adopted.

"Family C has 15 children and it appears that 5 were adopted and they are between 22 and 2 years of age.

"Family D has one child, he is five and not adopted and they live is Missouri.

"Family E has seven children (all adopted) and they live in Pennsylania.

Family F has one child (step-son age 14) and they live in Georgia"

There are now 6 families interested in this sibling group of 4-5 children. Still praying for this mama and these children. And hoping this is who God has for us.

I will continue to post updates here on how things are progressing with the case and our super fast home study!

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