Thursday, November 6, 2014

Update on Please Pray

Our adoption agency has said that no, they are not able to write this letter stating that domestic is acceptable because they are not able to control the outcome of anything with the paperwork.  They would have to use their lawyers and their contacts and their agency as the placing agency, which is not possible in this situation.

However, they recommended a woman who would be able to do an expedited home study.  We are working with her today to see if this is something that would be possible.  We are still praying everything goes well.  I just emailed info to her that she had asked for, and am waiting to hear back from her when she gets back into the office.  Then we will see how/when we can proceed, based on her thoughts with the information I sent.

We are working on a profile to send to the birth mom for her to consider us at the same time.

Please keep praying.  This certainly still has a slim chance of working out, but God can move mountains, and IF this is the sibling group He has for us, I know that He will work out the details.  We just have to walk through step by step!

The other items are the same for this prayer request.

For now, we need to get to choir and band!

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