Monday, November 3, 2014

Please Pray!

A sibling group in the states has caught our attention. And while at first it seems impossible for us to be their family, it now seems that there is a slight chance it could work out!

This is a very young sibling group in the eastern united states. Their mom has lost custody and is considering putting them up for private adoption, which would make it possible for us...just possible mind you. This will have to be an absolute God thing for it to work out.

1) Please pray that our social worker would approve us for 5 and that she would write a letter stating domestic adoption is also acceptible.
2) We are praying that the bio mom  would put these siblings up for private adoption.
3) That she would choose us.
4) that government officials and social workers would give swift approval for icpc (interstate compact for the placement of children).

We should know more about this in about 2 weeks.


  1. I will add this to my prayer list! How exciting.

  2. Our social worker was adamantly opposed to this 2 weeks ago when I brought this situation to her attention. After doing some research and writing her an email, she has said that she would bring it before the lifeline (our adoption agency) staff. We are praying that God would open the doors if this is who He has for our family! We would need them to sign off on it very soon as I would need to submit a letter of intent (to be received by overnight mail by MONDAY to the attorney. I do not need to have the home study done by then, but I do need to know that they will agree with what to put on our home study, as listed above in #1!

    IF this happens, I am not sure what kind of time line we are looking at, but the attorney has said that we 'won't have the luxury of time', so we would need the home study to be ready in about 10 days or so!

    We are excited about what God may have for us!