Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Night

We had our first interview with the new social worker. Her name is Dru Groves, and so far, we would highly recommend her!

She is willing to 'release' any type of home study we would like, whether it is domestic, Hague, or non hague international.

She is also able to work very quickly! Especially since we already have a home study to start with.

She thinks she can have a draft for us to review by Monday!

We also learned last night that there are 4 families who submitted a preliminary profile for the bio mom to look at. Here is what the lawyer posted.

"Family A resides in Florida and they have 16 children (nine child not adopted and seven adopted) ranging from 2 to 22 years in age.

"Family B resides in Washington and they have 8 children ranging from 13 to 2 years. None were adopted. 

"Family C has 15 children and it appears that 5 were adopted and they are between 22 and 2 years of age.

"Family D has one child, he is five and not adopted and they live is Missouri. "
We were quite surprises to find we are the second SMALLEST family!

Praying for favor from the birth mom as we progress in this. As she gets to decide where her children go if she follows through with the private adoption.

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