Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Serenity

This little miss is 4 years old already!

She is a smart, spunky, generous, kind hearted little princess. She enjoys coloring and drawing and working on puzzles. She loves to sing and ride her time. She enjoys baking and cooking. She loves to play pretend and do her school worksheets.

We had some friends over for her birthday. We went through the pumpkin parable as we carved pumpkins.

And here is the end result, with the pumpkins clean on the inside and out, and with happy faces and light shining out of them.

In the children's defense on this next o e, I did not tell them this one was of them, lol. They are standing behind their pumpkins in the previous picture...I just turned on the flash to see them here...


This is Olaf the snowman.

Who has sort of been commandeered by Judah, who just loves singing along about his dream on being apart of summer.

And she got this bullseye from Anna, who found him at a 2nd hand sale.

She loved her cake, yoo.!

And what more could a 4 year old want? She had a great birthday!

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