Saturday, November 1, 2014


This year, we have band, choir, drama and orchestra for our extra curricular classes. The girls really love each of them, and it has really been fun to hear them play!

I have often mentioned to them that it is helpful to give me a heads up several months in advance so I can save up and shop around or otherwise acquire the instrument they would like to play the following year.

It may seem like a lot - and it is - but, we consider it an investment for all of our children.

It has been absolutely amazing to see how God has provided just hat we needed just when we needed 2 clarinets the year both Ashley and bailey decided they would like to try that instrument together in beginning band!

So far, we have flute, sax, trumpet, 2 clarinets, 2 pianos, 3 violins (2 full, 1 half size), and a myriad of guitars.

While I encourage them to think about the year to come, I do not expect, nor did I anticipate receiving an itemized list for what Anna wants to play in which band throughout her duration in the band/choir program! Here is her plan...

She has even put in several years of watching after she ages out of the program! Ha! Not sure that she will get everything on her list, or that we will even be able to participate in the program in years to come...but at least she is thinking ahead, lol!

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