Saturday, November 8, 2014

Adoption Progress

Progress is a really tough term to define in adoption.

I do not remember where I left off in this journey, but our agency will not sign a letter stating 5 sibling domestically with an infant is acceptable because of their company policy to only use their lawyers and to be the ones responsible for the children before finalization.

That is not possible in this case.

However, our social worker gave us the name of someone who could possibly help.

She couldn't. In fact she asked if I was crazy for having 8 children and trying to adopt 5 more...

She was able to give me the name of 2 other social workers who *might* have been able to help us.

I left messages for both. The first to get back to me was Dru Groves. She has been very helpful, also thinks it is kind of silly that the agency won't sign a letter so we could use our existing home study, and is able to use that to help her write one in 11 days! 

This should be in the right timing for is to submit our home study for these 5 siblings we would lie to bring home!

Dru Groves is aso willing to use our education, and medicals, and background/security checks that we already have!

So far, God is working out the details in amazing ways!

In faith, we wrote a letter to this precious birth mom.

In faith we prepared a short scrapbook to send her of our home.

In faith we overnighted it to the attorney.

In faith, we have gathered and printed all of the necessary paperwork for the social worker.

Here is the scrapbook that will be part of the home study as well as what we sent to the birth mom.

I cannot figure out how to change the direction of this first pic - sorry!

We have individual interviews on Monday. Then we have our home visit on Saturday - one week from today! Which means that we will be scrambling a bit this week to get the house and yard back to "show quality"!

The question of whether or not this is progress will depend on how things go. Either this is progress, or this is merely an expensive rabbit trail!

Continued prayers would be greatly appreciated. Our prayer is that God would work out the details if this is His will for us. Ad that either way, He would prepare the children's and the adoptive families hearts for one another. We also pray a lot for their bio mom, who has some incredible choices to make.