Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Weekend Away

We do not get away much. And this was a much needed long weekend. Actually with 3 nights, this is as long as our honeymoon and as long as we have ever left our children to get away!

Here is the view from the back of our cabin.

And he cabin itself.

And some interior pictures.

We had a great time. And really, it was just about perfect for the length of time to be away from my children.

This trip have cemented in my mind the need to bring everyone to Colombia with us when we adopt. 2 months is is simply too long!

We will need to rent an apartment (or 2?). We will likely need extra help in country. And this is most certainly going to require some extra financing! It may take us longer to everything saved and ready financially, but we trust that God has already gone before us and knows how it will all work out!

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