Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From one set of paperwork to another...from the home study to he dossier.

Both require a lot of paperwork.

This is a list of the last few things we needed for the home study.

We are so glad to be done with this!

And here is our new list for the dossier!

Right now, I do feel like his list is easier than the home study list. (Remember the above list is only the end.)

We have a few weeks before the majority of the paperwork needs to have anything done.

Overall, I do anticipate any issues with the majority of it. The medical paperwork is probably the hardest. Chris and I have ours done. His parents are working on theirs.

Our psyche of eval is done and being written now. 

The paperwork that needed to be modified (our names added to templates), notarized and certified is ready. We are waiting until a bit closer to when we actually get these done and send the documents in. Our FBI reports are  also waiting for more time to pass. 

All of the documents for expire, some in as little as 6 months! So we want them to be as current as possible. It is going to take about 2 months for customs and immigration to get back to us with the preliminary approval, so we want everything to be as current and ready as possible at that time.

Our application is done in English.

Our i800a is done and mailed off (this will hopefully come back with our i797 form listed on the dossier paperwork - his is what we expect will take 2 months to get).

We have a plan to get passport photos taken, and our passports are here.

I do not know if the letters of recommendation are in addition to the ones required in the home study or if we just choose 3 of the 8 we have from the home study. (Any other volunteers if w need more?! Lol)

I am getting the photos together, scrap booked, and captioned (in Spanish) now.

And that is it! While it does feel daunting, it also feels much more manageable than the home study paperwork. I am excited to get through this phase of the adoption.

I am also excited that if we find a sibling group now that we would like to pursue, we can submit a letter of intent for them! It would be so nice to know who we are adopting, to put faces and names togwher., to pray for them by name, include hem by name in our bus roll call and such. I think it will make this.

My prayer is that God would show us who is to join our family, and that He would turn our hearts toward them, and their hearts towards us.

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  1. How very exciting! We will continue to keep this whole process in our prayers.