Friday, September 19, 2014

Waiting for chickenpox

Right now, no one is spotted.

Right now, they *might* be contagious...except for Serenity who got over chicken pox last week.

So, we wait. We stay at home so as not to potentially spread what has been touted as a dangerous disease worthy of being vaccinated against. Or is it?

In fact, complications from chickenpox has always been rare. This is the first, and to date only vaccine that was creates for economic reasons...because 7-12 days is simply too long to stay away from work for parents!

But the vaccine itself is not without risk. Bailey ended up with shingles everyime she got a so much as a runny nose for years after the vaccine!

Public opinion of chickenpox has certainly changed though. So here we are at home. Waiting. Keeping everyone occupied. Getting done chores and dossier paperwork that have been neglected for too long...but hey, it gives everyone something else to do for a time while they feel perfectly fine and wait to maybe get sick. This is after all the 4th intentional exposure they have had to chickenpox. At least Serenity actually got it this time!

While we are just waiting at home, my blog posts will be from a couple weeks ago, things I had decided to skip, but will now cover since washing light fixtures and cleaning poultry coops is not overly interesting, lol!

From the intentional exposure, thy have 6 more days to come up with spots. From Serenity having it, everyone has until the 1 of October...3 weeks from when Seren completely scabbed over.

The twins are still going to band and choir, drama, music lessons and strings because they were vaccinated. Ashley is too, because she had a very light case of chickenpox Chen she was little.

Everyone else has been told to just hurry up and get it, lol!

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