Tuesday, September 16, 2014

update on choosing children

As I prayed for this first sibling group we were presented with, I kept feeling like they were not the ones for us.

As I prayed that if God meant for us to parent them, that He would change my heart and prepare it for them.

I prayed that their hearts would be prepared for their new family and vise versa.

I pray for their safety and wellbeing at the orphanage.

And I prayed for a specific sign that God was either opening or closing the door to this sibling group. And God is so faithful! We learned that the orphanage did not send word that they have already been matched. They have a family who is in process to go get them. I can't help but smile and be so thankful and privileged to get to pray for these precious children by name and and having a face that goes with that over the next year as their adoption takes place! I may not know who their family is, bit God does. And I get to be an unknown prayer warrior for their story!

Praise God for this. And for the answered prayer of clear direction. And for the knowledge that He already knows who our children are. And that we can pray for them, even in whatever hardships they are facing.


  1. Will they now be sending you another family to look at?

  2. They are doing a preliminary search right now. Any sibling group they think we might be interested in, they will send our way.

    Our big focus right now is preparing our dossier...the documents that actually go to Colombia.

    Once Colombia receives our info other sibling groups not on their national waiting children list may open up.

  3. That's good. Not much longer until EVERYTHING is complete, then comes the waiting game:)

  4. Absolutely! I am really trying to enjoy this time of being able to DO something.

    Though, I also think we will stay fairly busy during the waiting period, which will at least help!