Friday, September 5, 2014

NAET Treatments

I am more and more convinced that everyone has food allergies. Everyone.

Since we have met our deductible, we are trying to get the whole family through their 24 allowable treatments! I am sure it is not going to get anyone DONE, but it will be a great start! We will likely need 3 years to get everyone cleared of all that we would like to...and in time, after we meet our deductible each year, Lord willing, we will keep plugging away at it!

Dr. Brucks uses muscle testing to establish the need for a given treatment.

Brianna had her first acupuncture treatment on Wednesday!

She wanted her picture taken with the needles in, lol!

He has made a very child-friendly waiting, that I am very thankful for!

Part of the treatment is to keep a vial on the skin for 20 minutes after the treatment is done to the back.

Socks work very well for this!

We are hoping to clear a variety of things through these treatments.

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