Monday, September 22, 2014

Funny Judah Story

Judah came running into the house, "shee?"
"See what?" I asked.
"Shee dat? Nake.  Baby nake."
"Oh, did you catch that?"
"Yeah! Nake, baby." He said smiling.
I said, "That is a worm."
"Hot!" Judah said, dropping the worm onto the ground.
"No," I said chuckling, "not warm, worm."
Judah shook his head no, and said, "Hot?"
"Right, it is not hot.  This is called a worm."
Judah pics the poor worm up and says, "Nake."
"It looks like a baby snake, but it is actually called a worm."

"And worms like to stay outside.  Can you take it outside?"
"Wrm. out." And with that, Judah ran off to bring his worm back outside.
I love the way that toddlers discover their world, and learn with every little thing they do!  I love having the opportunity to see the world through those young eyes.

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