Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From behind the class

Anna and Bailey made it to advanced band.  They are so excited!

I stayed at home with potentially sick children who *might* have contracted the chickenpox from an intentional exposure...but the only little red spots I have seen went away overnight, so clearly it was not the chickenpox!

The Cody's brought the older 3 (who are either vaccinated or already had a light case) to our first week of band/choir.

I was able to get. Couple pictures from the back when I came to pick them up.

I was so grateful that Chris' dad was home to stay with littles while I got to pick up the girls. It meant I got to hear all about their first day!

It went really smoothly! Here's looking forward to another ear of choir and band, and a new experience of adding drama, and strings!

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