Thursday, September 18, 2014

Contemplating the Awesomeness of God

The last few days, we have had a bit of rain. After a long beautiful summer it has been a welcome shift!

We have also started to notice some bright, colorful patches in the trees and bushes. All sure signs that fall is almost upon us.

As I have been thinking through these things, it has occurred to me just how beautiful fall is. And while I have enjoyed this summer, I am ready for fall!

Then I started thinking of how beautiful fall is, then it gives way to the barren trees dark days of winter, which are brightened by Christmas lights.

And then we begin to see the outside world awaken from its cold winter slumber with buds and blossoms...that go right into the hot summer days.

Each season comes at a time that I am ready for a chance, ready to switch up what we are working on and doing. I am glad to have the incredible variety and changes the seasons bring.

What an incredible God we serve!  What awesome creative genius and fabulous diversity He has planned into this creation.

Thank you, God!

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