Saturday, September 6, 2014

Adoption update

We were told this last week that we are about 2 weeks away from finishing our home study! (I suspent closer to 3 as we wait for things to come in, but it is really exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!)

Items left to do include:
Our medicals. Blood work is today. A week from Monday our tb tests will be placed, and a week from Wed. we have our appointments.

Items we are waiting for:
- 3 more references to get back to the social worker, including our teacher reference, doctor reference and one personal reference.

- Passports. We filled them on 9/28. Hoping to see them in about 2 more weeks.

- Official psychological profile. Our psychologist has been working very diligently for us, and has been very open and willing to work with our social workers to get the report to meet Colombia's standard and criteria. This is a HUGE blessing!

- Report and letter from our doctors after our exams.

Other than our medicals, we are down to just waiting! Looks like our number is FOUR! We are gadorablepproved for a sibling group of 4.

It looks like we will get started this week on our dossier paperwork and filling our the i800a for customs and immigration. Sounds like this next paperwork step will take us about 2-4 months, too.

The other thing we are able to do now is look at sibling groups and send in a letter of intent to hold our children! This step is both really exciting and a little scary! It seems like a daunting task to look at children and decide that 'these' or 'those' are ours.

The agency did send us one group they fit our official parameters. They look amazingly and fabulously healthy and well adjusted. They are 9, (almost 10), 8, 7, and 5. I think they would fit into our family, and they are exactly what I envisioned... Until I spoke with 2 different families who adopted siblings (one a set of 4, the other a set of 5), whose oldest (in both families) was 7 when they picked them up. To me, that would be ideal. Though, I am also being told it is rare, and may not even be done any more in Colombia. (So, yes, what I would ideally like is younger.)

The question remains, what do we do. If we commit, we are truly committed! We are going to request more information about this sibling group. Please pray for direction. I want what God has for us! They are absolutely adorable, but we do not want to make such a big decision on a whim or emotionally.

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