Saturday, September 20, 2014

Adoption Set backs

Adoption setbacks are inevitable, unavoidable realities for the VAST MAJORITY of adoptive families.

We have had a relatively easy process so far! 

Our first setback was that the paperwork was not filed correctly with the state, so they did not 'recognize' our marriage!  It was a shock to us - we were not 'legally' married, lol!  (Our pastor said he normally wouldn't say this, but that he was sure we were 'married in God's eyes')  We were able to get the appropriate forms done and signed and figured out by the right people and get the record right as it we are now, officially married, and recognized as being married for more than 15 years!

We have just found our second setback.  Our medical paperwork...and it is kind of an extensive issue!  We will have to start over, after having paid for a notary to come do it incorrectly...we are very grateful for her willingness to help us out though!

1. the notary language was not completely correct on the main template page, and the notary had to write a line in. She did not really like this.
2. The notary wrote the wrong date on one of the commission expiration in one spot.
3. Dr. I signed without he notary, then had to sign again with the notary. My understanding is Colombia won't accept that.
4. Dr. F did not sign the letter of recommendation.
5. Dr. I did not use their letterhead for the main template Colombia wants to see.
6. The letter from Dr. F has no notary language.
7. There is no letter from Dr. I because he understood it needs to be notarized and it had no notary language.
So...we are going to have to make another attempt at the medical paperwork..after being a headache for these poor doctors for almost 2 hours!  I feel so bad about having to go back.

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