Friday, August 29, 2014

Turkey Slaughter

Here's our flock (at least the part of the flock ready for slaughter)

We are getting ready for them.  This is truly the best $27 I could send when it comes to a full on slaughter day!  We had trouble with the tank, but I am pretty sure now that it was operator error...OOPS!

Then it was time to go get them.

Bailey has been the one responsible for the turkeys, and she is READY for slaughter, she says!

They have been a lot of work, especially lately, and the males are starting to get aggressive.

And here are the first 2 turkeys in the cones ready to go.  

Grandma is the best when it comes to getting the actually killing is something I really struggle with!

And she had quite the audience!

That is enough pictures, I would say.

The slaughter went well.  Anna chose to participate and even do her own bird from start to finish.  Everyone did very well when it came to the slaughter.  I think they are getting a bit thicker skinned!  These were also not little or cute!  They are broad breasted bronze turkeys.

We have other turkeys in our 'broody coop', who are midget whites, a heritage breed who we hope will go broody and produce next year's turkey flock for slaughter.  We have 3 jennys and 2 toms in that flock.

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