Friday, August 29, 2014

The Fair - Round TWO

Last year, we felt like we missed out on the fair to such a degree, that we decided to go TWICE this year.  And to add to the excitement, the children (down to Justice) decided they wanted to purchase arm bands for unlimited fair rides.  We have NEVER DONE the fair rides before...I think it was a hit.  Here are some (lots!) pics of everyone.

Judah was about 1/2" too short for the he got to watch  And he did it with such a good attitude.  He loved watching the birds and air planes fly by (the fair grounds is right next to a small air strip).  He enjoyed the sights and the sounds and the taste of the fair...and I let him have some extra special things because he couldn't go on rides!

Serenity and Ashley did NOT like the big slide!

Judah with his first 'special thing'.

Ashley and Serenity did NOT like the caterpillar roller coaster!

Ashley LOVED the fun house!  Serenity did NOT.

This was a 'speed train'.  Callie and Justice LOVED this!  So did the older girls!  Ashley and Serenity did not even attempt to ride this one.  They waited with me and Judah, lol!  Callie and Justice loved all of the rides, and wanted to go on the rides they were not yet tall enough for - the faster and the higher and the harder the better as far as they are concerned!

These 3 rode pretty much EVERY ride, and loved most of them!  (Anna was on the fence for more of them than the other girls.)

I on the other hand classify rides like this as, "Not on your life!"

The one ride Judah could do was the carousel.  We did it twice for him!  He really enjoyed it.  Serenity liked it, as long as she was not on a horse or animal that went up and down.  (are you seeing a theme?)

For the afternoon, I let the twins and Brianna play on the 'big rides' while I took the littles and Ashley on the smaller rides.

This was the ride that made Ashley start to change her mind...

Another 'special thing' for Judah.

We met back up, and got to do some things together.

Ashley got brave and tried the caterpillar roller coaster again, and loved it!

So the next time we split up, Ashley asked if she could join them for some other big rides.  I asked if she was sure - the girl who didn't like even some of the 'little rides' decided she wanted to hang with the olders now...and she LOVED IT!

I took the littles to see some animals and ride the tractors so Judah could have some fun, too!

Then back to the rides...and watching the other littles.

These planes were especially hard for Judah to watch...he *REALLY* wanted on this ride.  He loves planes!

We met the older ones back at the big rides and watched them do a few (and let Callie and Justice on the couple they could ride over there).  They had a PERFECT sunset ferris wheel ride!

Not sure why, but Serenity LOVED this ride...

Bailey and Brianna liked the really big rides, like the ring of fire...

We finished the evening with a super cool star show, and a couple more littles rides before heading to the bus at TEN pm!  We spent 11 hours at the fair riding rides and just having fun.  It was truly a BLAST!

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