Friday, August 29, 2014

Home Study

The first MAJOR hurdle in an international adoption is the home study.  This is where a social worker comes into our home and inspects the home and our family.  We spent WEEKS going through the house with a fine toothed comb.  Every drawer, every cupboard, every closet, every room.  We even had a construction project to build in a big girls' room in the basement.

We have had to complete 30 hours of education, fill out questions and sign more statements and paperwork than would be required to buy a house!

We have had 2 interviews - and have one more interview tomorrow.

We have our last interview with a psychologist tomorrow for the psychological evaluation that Colombia requires.  (We only need a letter stating that we are fit to be parents for the home study, but a big report is necessary for the next step...more on that in a minute!)

We have our medical exams on the 17th of September. (Doctor will need to write a letter and also fill out a form.)

We have ordered passports for Christopher, Anna, Bailey and me.

We have found solutions to some interesting issues with some of our paperwork.

We have had to answer questions from what our views are on race and ethnic identity to how our ideal adopted child might look, and where they might be developmentally, what special needs we would accept, what we think the 'worst' first week having our newly adopted child/ren would look like and what the best case scenario would look like.

We have talked with other adoptive parents.

We have worked through a couple different fund raisers (so far).

It has been busy, but God has been so faithful throughout all of it!

The home study will tell us, officially, how many children we will be approved to adopt in a sibling group.  We are praying that we get approved for 4-5 children in a sibling group.  These larger order sibling groups are harder to place.  It is our heart to help a sibling group to stay together in a loving, stable home, where they can learn to trust, love and in time, hopefully, flourish!

We are so excited to be nearing the END of our home study!  We are waiting for Christopher's new license to come in (the paper one from the DOL is not enough), we need the letter of recommendation from the psychologist.  We have a phone interview to discuss the last educational piece.  We have our physicals and need the form and a letter back from them.  Then we have to get our passports back.

We are also waiting on a few more references to come back.

Once we have all of those last few things done and turned in, we are OUT of the home study!

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  1. Things seem to be progressing nicely. But I know that you will be glad to get it all behind you. Keep up the great work!!!