Friday, August 29, 2014

Dental Surgery for Miss Callie

According to our dentist and our pediatrician, those with cerebral palsy, tend to have bad teeth.  Callie is, unfortunately, no exception.

Her teeth are so bad that they won't work on them at the regular dentist.  She had to go to Children's hospital to be put under general anesthesia to have all the dental work to be done at once!

We brought the last puppy with us to deliver to his new home while she sleeps, he was a wonderful comfort to Callie on her way to the hospital!

Walking into the hospital, she just looked like such a big girl!

We checked in and realized we forgot Meatloaf.  I mentioned this to Callie as we got to the final check in counter...the lady looked at me SHOCKED.  It took me a few seconds to realize that she thought I meant a food - but in reality, I meant Callie's bear, lol!  Apparently, the story spread fast, because everyone knew Callie's bear's name before we got there!

She told us to go ahead and get it from the bus...just outside the hospital, we found this super friends cat that came when Callie called it like a dog!

This cat did not even mind Callie's unstable stance/gait!

If we were to ever have a cat, we would want one just like this!

With Meatloaf in hand, we were ready to get Callie settled.

We had a bit of time to wait.  The nurse asked Callie if she would like to turn the tv on.  The nurse apologized for not having many channels...

As it turns out, they have about 60.

I flipped through channels.

Callie said, "Wow, they have a lot of movies playing!"

"No," I replied laughing, "Those are tv channels, not movies."

"Oh.  They have a lot of them!"

"Yes, they do!"

"Oh, that one looks good!  Could you rewind it?"

"No, I can't.  It is not a movie it is a tv channel, we cannot control it."

"But, can you just start it over?"

"We can't.  It is broadcast from the station to the tv, we cannot control it."

This seemed to satisfy her that I had no way for us to control it, but she did enjoy watching...until...

"Now what is it doing?  Is this a new show?"

Laughing again, "No, that is a commercial!  They are trying to make you want to buy their product."

"Ok.  When will they get back to the movie, it wasn't done yet?"

"Soon, Sweetie, soon."

She got to watch several shows...and I got to re-affirm my decision to NOT have television in the house, lol!  But the time passed quickly for her, and she didn't have to focus on her empty tummy!

The team who came to get her was wonderful with her!

I felt much better leaving her with them with that kind of a smile on her face!

Unfortunately, I have no pics on her in recovery.  Children's hospital does not 'allow' parents into recovery I...but they made an exception for me!  Callie does not wake up from general very well.  She wakes up angry and fighting.  The more they restrained her, the worse she got.  They tried to put her back under general 3 times and attempted to bring her out even more slowly each no avail.  She was calling for Mommy to come help her, and so I least as much as I could!  She was floppy, and not 'really awake'.  She was trying hard to rip her IV out, and would throw herself onto the railings of the bed before going completely limp.  The nurses tried to hold her and restrain her, but it only made things worse.

So I was called back.  I held her close, and talk with her, and sang to her.  Eventually, she came out of it.

Soon after she came out of it, it was time to go home...Callie was able to muster at least a little smile on our way out of the hospital!

Recovery took her about 5 or 6 days, but now she is feeling great!

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  1. What a brave young lady she is!!! And always ready with her beautiful smile.