Monday, July 14, 2014

My thoughts

This has been a strange summer for us.  We are working on our regular school schedule, hoping that all of the children will 'work ahead' about 6 months worth of time so that we can take the time off after our adoption is finalized.

That means that we are fitting all of the extra animal work with puppies, turkeys and chickens into our routine.  We are working in the basement around our 'regularly scheduled activities'.  We are still doing our normal real alouds, starting our day with the Bible, reading history, science, and biographies together.

We are working on potty training Judah, and keeping things going with our littles...

Though I have let therapy continue to slip, and we really do need to get back to it, once I am finished with downstairs and the painting upstairs, and installing the railing, and possibly finishing our chicken yard, we will get back to therapy for Callie.

Not being very involved with the fair is a big change this year.  As is not taking the time to do a whole lot in the way of day trips...instead, we are working hard.  Pressing through.  We are taking the time to play here and there, like with an ice cream party, and a fire in our fire pit.  We had friends over last Saturday...

It has been a good summer, just a very busy one!  We are getting a lot of things done, and are working hard!

I also wanted to clarify my adoption is not that I am not looking forward to this, because I am!  I am very excited to be adopting!  It is something I have really seriously wanted to do for almost 9 years...and we are finally at a place where it could really happen!

I just had a moment of wondering if I could really handle it...adding children who are, well, basically, like ME.  I know all too well what loss, abandonment, neglect and abuse do to a child...because I was that child.  I am that adult, who still sees the effects of that kind of a childhood in my life.

But God is bigger!  He has brought me from a place where it was basically expected that I would do nothing, to a place where I am His child, and seek to act as a citizen of Heaven, because of what He has done for me.  God will sustain us as we walk through this process.  God will guide us as we follow Him.  We keep praying that God would prepare our hearts for our adopted children, and that He would also prepare their hearts for us.

And now, it is time for me to go hang some sheet rock, as I continue to pray for our children, both those here with us now, and those who will become part of our family.  And I praise God that He already knows who He has for us!

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