Monday, July 14, 2014

Basement Project

With the downstairs under construction, it is tough to keep things clean enough to be somewhat safe...each day when we work, we end up with it looking like this:

Another challenge has been allowing the children to help...we end up with things like this, which ultimately create more work, lol!

The work is coming along, slowly but surely, it is coming!

I was able to finish the floors last Friday.

And the children are now able to play in the playroom!  something they have really enjoyed and taken advantage of with the current heat wave!

Here is the boarder that Ashley, Brianna and Anna painted.

We hope to finish the dry wall hanging today...if we could get it hung, I will move the girls to their new room and will mud, tape, prime and paint around the beds...after those items are done, we will move their dressers into their new room!

Moving the girls downstairs will allow me to paint in their upstairs room, which is just way too full for me to get in there and work at the moment!

Justice is also wondering when it will be time to work on HIS room...and that is certainly coming!

Our home study home visit is set for August 9th, and I think, Lord willing, we will be ready!

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  1. Wow, Ladies, the trim looks awesome!! You all did a really good job.