Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This year, we decided to branch out a bit and get turkeys.

They are a very different creature than chickens...

I had heard that they are 'more fragile' but I didn't understand what that really meant until we had them.

We started with 26, and are now down to 20.  Most of the deaths have occurred at very random intervals, to otherwise healthy looking chicks.  The first one didn't occur until the turkeys were already 2 weeks old!  The last death occurred day before yesterday.  I checked on the in the morning, gave them fresh water, and made sure they had enough food...Anna checked on them at lunch time, and one had died!

It has been fun watching them grow!  They now fan their tails!

We have 2 varieties, midget whites, and broad breasted bronze.  Our bronze will be for butcher this year.  The Whites are a heritage breed that is still capable of reproducing on their own (this is not true of the BBB!).  We will be keeping them in hopes that they will go broody.

It is interesting to us that all but one of our losses was from the BBB... 

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  1. These look awesome. I wish we could procure more birds, but living too close to city limits significantly reduced what we are allowed to own. Someday I'd love to have turkeys! I look forward to seeing more pictures.