Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Best Toy Ever!

After staying up late the night before watching a movie with the twins, I got the privilege (and I really mean this!) of getting up with my littles.

We sang songs, played chasing games, and read books...then, I looked over and saw this box...

I said, "Do you want to know what the twins' very favorite toy was when they were your age?  Do you want to play with it?"

(They were excited and cheering at this idea!)

I pointed and said, "There it is!"

Justice said, "Where?"

"Right over there, next to the piano."

Justice walked over, (Seren was busy looking around the this 'coolest toy ever' through this next part of the conversation.)

"All I see there is a box."

"Yes!  That's it!"

"He looks at the box, and said, "They played with a pressure washer?"

"Nope, the box.  THAT was their very favorite toy ever."

"The twins liked to play with a box?"


"What do you do with a box?"

Oh, dear!  Apparently, I have not done my due diligence of teaching my littles the fun of a BIG BOX!  I certainly fixed that!

As you can see, they now know how much fun a big box can be!

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