Tuesday, June 24, 2014

small group dates pt. 2

For group 2 on my small group dates, Judah managed to come along (he is going through a bit of a clingy stage, since I understand just how short this time is, I said it was ok for him to come along!)

With Justice's birthday coming up last week, I took Justice, Anna and Judah out for small group number 2.

Justice wanted to go to Red Robin's!

He is getting so strong!

And a wee bit excited to be FIVE years old!

Judah enjoyed putting the balloon way up high in the air and saying, "up!"

Then lowering his arm down and saying, "Down".

Above is Judah's 'Tired position".  He grabs his hair right here when he is tired, and twirls his hair until he goes to sleep.  When I gave him his first hair cut, I made sure to leave that long enough for him to continue being a great sleeper, lol!

Judah managed to pull my glass off the table...and it broke!  Oops!  We had not ever broken a dish at a restaurant before...I guess there is a first time for everything...

And of course, they came out to sing to Justice, too!

Then we ran some errands.

Here is Judah being silly!

Both of the boys loved this little fire truck at Costco!

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