Tuesday, June 24, 2014

small group dates pt. 1

Sometimes, I get to take children out on dates one on one, this time, I decided to do a round of 'small group dates.'  The first was in celebration of Ashley's birthday, albeit 2 weeks late!

I took Ashley, Serenity and Judah for this first round.

We ran some errands, then finished with lunch at Red Robins.

I let the children get Root Beer Floats...Judah enjoyed his, to the tune of having a total of THREE of them, lol!  (they are refillable!)

Ashley seemed a bit embarrassed...

But she definitely liked the ice cream!  She is such a kind and generous big sister, she shared with Judah and Seren, and offered some to me as well!

And this is when we decided it was time to get her home and into bed, lol!

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