Monday, June 2, 2014

Reason to Celebrate!

The sewage kept backing up into the house.

I called a septic company and talked to them about it...since we had our system pumped just a few months ago, they didn't think that was the issue, but rather with all the rain, we simply had to wait out the high water table.

Time passed...about 2 weeks.  And we had several dry days.  Things were obviously drying out.

Our septic issue continued!

We had a septic company come to check out the situation...our field had failed!

2 days later, they brought in heavy machinery.

They marked out on the grass where the new field would be located...and measured to make sure we were far enough away from the well.

The boys LOVED watching the machinery at work!

And just like that, they were done.  Leaving us with a house whose sewage drains very nicely!  I am so very thankful for this!  I was hoping to do some improvements to the yard this year...but this was much more pressing!  Praising God for the modern convenience of indoor plumbing!

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