Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Puppies go to the vet

The puppies are doing great!  They are getting bigger all the time, and Maple is taking such good care of them!
At 3 days old, it was time to take them to the vet for a general check up, dew claw removal and tail docking.  (This is something that we *could* have done ourselves...I mean, we do slaughter our own poultry...but having to cut off extra toes and their tails is just not something we could do to our puppies, lol!)

On last picture with their long tails...

And everyone together again after their traumatic vet experience.

When Maple got them back home, she could definitely tell there was something different about them, and she made sure they were clean.  She was very upset that they kept crying, and she couldn't help them!

I thought this pic with their little tails up in the air was cute!

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