Sunday, June 8, 2014

projects update

The girls' new light

Looking down the front wall of their new room.  the crown molding can be seen on the floor along the wall.  The older girls painted it.  
Everyone working on painting the trim color.

Bailey working on the movie project.

The tile is almost went from the stairs at the right of the picture, to the top of the picture on the left.

Their door is tacked into place.  This is what will be the girls' new room!

Christopher and his dad working on the electrical.
We still have a lot to get done, but really we are doing very well!  The tile is out, the movies have been re-homed, the wall is framed, and everything downstairs that I can paint is done so far.  We are pulling things together for a garage sale this coming weekend as well.

Next comes the wiring/lighting downstairs, and then the sheet rock, mud/tape/prime/paint, flooring, and the girls will finally be able to move in!

Upstairs will be easier to work with after the girls move downstairs.  We will be painting both of the children's bedrooms up there.  We have about 3 weeks until the home visit for our home study.  we will certainly be hard at work between now and then!  Our heart is really to adopt a sibling group...and our eligibility to do that is in the home a lot is riding on this home visit in 3 weeks to see if we have the space, and organization to add more than 1 child to our family and home.

This week, while I am waiting for the men to get the wiring and lighting done, I will be working on sorting things and organizing other parts of the house, as well as getting things together for the garage sale!

Still no puppies.  I will clarify the 'due date' that we chose for is the earliest due date she could have had based on when we dropped her off at the breeders.  She actually could be due anytime between Last Thursday and this Wednesday based on when she was there.  We know that it took her a few days to relax enough to let their male close to her...but we are not at all concerned about her yet.  They will be coming, and when they do, we will post about it!

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