Saturday, June 7, 2014

Projects Galore!

We have been busy, busy, busy around here lately!

We put in a new raised garden bed in front of the house for strawberries.

We took down the ceiling downstairs, opening it up to feel bigger, and taking away the place were rodents were living!  (EWWW!!!!)

All of the children now have their own dressers...which include their own treasure drawer where they can keep things they do not want anyone else to play with or hurt.

We took down the big cherry tree by the new chicken coop to make way for their big fenced in yard. The chickens keep going through the neighbors fence into their horse pasture...then again through another fence to their big dogs...we have lost a couple this way!  If this does not keep them in, we will cover it!

We are burning lots of yard trimmings.

We are painting downstairs, and putting up a wall to make a big girls' room.  (I feel that Callie and Justice are getting a bit old to be sharing with the other gender.)

Lots of organization projects.  Shoes no longer kept by the door, but in a bin for each individual child under their bed.  (I wish I had a 'before' pic on this one!)

Gardens are all planted.

We took out the planting area by the front of the driveway.  It is really getting down to be all about easy maintenance where ever possible for us, so that we have the time to do the really important things!  We also took out the planting area next to the driveway along the fenceline...I just don't have any pictures of it.

Since we have new dressers, these will go in the garage sale we are preparing for in a week and a half.

More downstairs pics from this morning.  The girls' room is pink, and the new play room is green.

And why are we immersed in all of this RIGHT NOW, all at once?

It is with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm, that I am able to share what we have been working on and why.  We feel like God is calling us to adopt.  We are praising God for the way He orchestrates all things!  We have just been pre-approved (kind of like being 'pre-qualified' for a home loan) for an international adoption from Colombia!

Covering this in prayer would be greatly appreciated!  We have a LOT of work to get done, including finishing the bedroom downstairs, laying flooring in the basement (not even started), painting the new wall (the rest of downstairs is painted already), along with 2 upstairs bedrooms, shampooing carpets upstairs, moving furniture (taking apart and reassembling bunk beds and moving dressers), lots of sorting/organizing/getting rid of oodles of things. etc.  And we have about 3 weeks until our home visit for our home study.  

We will be having our first fund raiser next weekend (garage sale).  

(And if you would like to get rid of anything, we would love to accept it for the garage sale!)

I took these pics almost a week ago, and I am amazed at just how much more has been done!  I will try to get more pics in soon!

Oh, and NO PUPPIES YET!  I will update when they arrive...anticipation is definitely building around here though!

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  1. These projects look great! And what a great goal! I have a bunch of stuff you can sell at your garage sale! Email me, and I will drive it over. I may even have some friends who can contribute very nice items too.