Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Party Prep

This year, the middles got to choose a theme for a birthday party.  They went with a Tea Party Birthday, and their individual themes were camping and ocean.

The twins made these pinatas out of paper machete for Ashley and Brianna...

A smore to go with Brianna's camping theme, and an octopus to go with Ashley's ocean theme! 

One of the reasons that the girls wanted to do a tea party theme was for the fun intricate food items...

We were thankful for the Cody family for helping us to get everything finished in time!

Justice was in kind of a strange situation...one of those mommy fail moments on my part!  2 of his sisters were having a very girly birthday party ON his birthday...he was so excited, and loved all of the food...but it was kind of a strange place for him to be...

Anna designed our camping cake!

And 2 of the Cody girls designed our ocean themed cake!

And all of them did a great ob!

This is another item Anna created - our sea turtle fruit bowl!

Cucumber sandwiches

Indoor smoores

Clam cookies

Hamburger cookies

The tables set

And Judah sampling as people arrived!

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