Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Long overdo update!

First, an update on the needed changes that I am making.

Idolatry.  That is really what it comes down to.  I have a wickedly sinful idolatrous heart that yearns for, longs for, and desires food.  I celebrate with food, comfort myself with food, feel like I deserve, or  have earned to have food...in short, I worship food.  Which really means, that food is my idol.

The Bible says that if I love God, I will obey His commandments.  The 2nd commandment says not to have false idols.  It also says that worshiping false idols is detestable to God.  For me, giving up food, is giving up my idol.

Now, I also realize that I cannot, and will not give up solid food indefinitely.  However, I am using this time, of not eating solid food, to really focus my attention of my Heavenly Father, my Savior, my God, who was willing to sacrifice His Son, who lived a perfect life that I cannot, and then died the death that I deserve, in my place.  In order that I would not have to serve the sentence of eternal condemnation that I have earned, but rather that I would have Jesus' righteousness counted as my own for entrance into Heaven.  Wow!  In light of all that God has done for me, loving me while I was hostile to Him, taking my punishment that my wicked, deceitful heart have earned, giving me His Word (the Bible), and literally EVERYTHING that I have, including life...in light of all that, giving up food, which holds a place in my heart where only God should be held, for a period of weeks, is such a small act of devotion to my God.

I am utilizing this time to be in God's Word, to pray and worship God, to praise Him for all that He is and has done, and is doing, and to seek Him during the hard times, of which there have certainly been many, lately!  God is so faithful.  It is absolutely incredible what happens when I let go, and let God.  When I take the time to wait upon Him, and seek His face, and truly worship Him with all that I am.  When I present myself to God as a sacrifice, even if I am giving to Him a sacrifice of praise because I don't 'feel' like it..

Physically, the juice fast is going well.  (though it is still smoothies because I do not have a juicer...)  I have all kinds of energy, I feel great, I am getting more done each day that I had imagined, I have lost 25.2 pounds in the last 24 days, and I have lost 19 1/4 inches from all of my various measurements in 20 days!

I have also noticed that my hair, which was falling out in DROVES, has STOPPED falling out!  I am able to wear some clothes that had become too tight, and my taste buds are truly changing!  I like things that I never would have before.  My cravings for food have really died away, especially the ones for sugar and sweets.  In the place of craving sweets, I am truly craving the sweet Words of Scripture.

My prayer throughout this time, is that my idolatrous heart, would turn back to God, and would stay with Him, to give Him the glory and honor that is due to Him.  There is nothing new under the sun...this is the same heart attitude that led the Israelites to make for themselves a golden calf in the wilderness just a few weeks after the plagues in Egypt caused the Egyptians to drive them away, ending in them being brought through the Red Sea on dry land, and all of Pharaoh and his army drowning.  In fact it is the same idolatry that is seen throughout Israel's history in the cycle of apostasy.  My prayer is that God would use this time to empty myself of this attitude, so that I may fully be able to worship Him in spirit and in truth.