Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Only God

Last week, my grandpa fell.  It was a bad fall, resulting in a broken back.  He was stabilized in a hospital on the peninsula, and then brought by ambulance to Harborview for surgery.

After surgery, it was touch a go for a few days, while his system tried to re-balance itself, his blood counts and sugar counts went back to normal, etc.

All the while, we prayed, and so did our church and some close friends.

I had felt for the last 2 weeks before this, that I was to go and give them a basic, gospel message.  I was just getting the details of that trip pulled together when this happened.  Neither of my grandparents are saved.  That means that neither of them, if they were to die, would make it to Heaven, regardless of 'how good' they might seem.  They would spend eternity condemned to Hell because they do not stand up to God's standard, nor do they have the forgiveness of sins that only Jesus' blood can bring.

In light of all of this, I knew that if my grandpa made it through, that I needed to tell him about God's love in a very real, very direct, very down to earth kind of way.  I have been searching for just 'how' I was supposed to do this...and I wondered just what kind of mental clarity he might have should he wake up...

I tried to go to the hospital on Saturday to see him.  God even provided a time when my grandma was not here - she went back to Sequim, so I could talk with him one on one!  But things didn't work out so well...it took me over 2 hours to get the 2 needed tires on the Honda to make another trip to Seattle.  By the time that was done, I didn't feel like I could manage to do it, and take the time away from the evening activities we had planned...so I decided to wait until after church on Sunday - something just seemed OFF for Saturday!

On Sunday, we drove to church separately, and after much prayer, I headed down right after service.  He was sitting up, but seemed both boldly indecisive and confused.  In one minutes' time, he said that he wanted to go back to bed, that he didn't know why people were pulling on him, because he wanted to stay in the chair, that he was getting up to go home, and that he wanted to go into bed.  Once we got him settled back into his bed, he seemed to calm down a bit, but also seemed like he was too tired for me to try to do much witnessing.

I decided to keep it very simple, and very basic.  I asked him if he thought there was a Heaven.  He said that he absolutely does.  I asked him how he thought we get there.  He said he didn't know.  I gave him a very quick overview of the gospel.  I explained that God required perfection according to God's law to get into Heaven, which means no lying, cheating, stealing, or even looking at a woman with lust, ever.  And that no one can live up to that.  But that God loves us so much that He sent His Son, who lived that perfect, sinless life that we cannot, and then paid the price for our sin with His very life.  He died in our place, so that when we ask Him into our lives, and live for Him, turn from our sin, we get to go to Heaven when we die.  (I did not get into the Roman Road, he just didn't have enough strength to listen to me say  much, let alone reading things to him and trying to get him to understand.

He then said, "Michelle...do you really believe all that?"

(This was the only time that he really seemed to know exactly who I was!)  I told him that I absolutely do.  He then asked if I had any information that he could read about it.  I told him that I did, and left him with Ultimate Questions (It is a small book my church has to give out, great salvation message, easy to read and understand, etc.).

By this time, he was too tired for company, so I said good-bye, that I would be praying for him, and so would lots of other people.

All in all, I thought that it went really well.  So well that it could only have been a God thing!  He has always been hostile to the gospel in the past, so this was a huge softening of his heart...not sure if it was just God's timing, or if it was possibly because of the near death experience that he had, but  I pray that he reads and understands the Ultimate Questions book.   

My sister, Kaitie, went to the hospital yesterday and read part of the book to him, but he was too loopy from the pain meds to really understand what she was reading.

It is also a praise and a blessing that God has worked it out so that Grandpa was not moved back to Sequim on Monday as my grandmother was pushing for.

I pray that God would take hold of his life and that his soul would be redeemed from the gates of Hell.

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  1. Praising God for the opportunity you had, Michelle. What a blessing to be able to share God's gift with your Grandfather. The Holy Spirit was at work and you did your part too.