Friday, February 7, 2014

"Monkey see, Monkey do!"

Judah is such a mimic these days!  From watching us put things into the dishwasher (he then went to the cupboard, got CLEAN dishes out to copy this, lol!), to chasing Serenity to the bathroom telling her, "Go, Go, Go!"  

From blowing on every bite of food (even something like cheese that is cold already!), to putting shoes on (does it *really* matter if they are the right size?).

From brushing his teeth and hair before bed (though he uses the same brush :-/ ) to copying noises (animal sounds, car noises, etc. - though he is not in a big hurry to actually SPEAK, he DOES use a lot of NOISES, just like his big brother did at this age!)

When I saw him grab his own chair, and a controller so that he could play the Wii with the twins, I had to laugh!

And even though he doesn't want to talk much, he is most certainly communicating.  He is signing more, please, and all done.  And he is doing a lot of grunting and pointing to get our attention.  He will tap on someone, then point to what he wants, then say please, and if we do not respond to him with that, he pulls us over there to ask more directly.  I know that the words will come.  It is just a matter of time.

Judah loves to be the last few days, he has looked at every opportunity that he has been called as a potential time for someone to chase him...there is definitely room for training in this area, lol!

Judah is such a sweet, cuddly little guy.  He loves to look at books, especially if they have animals that make noises!  He enjoys playing with the dogs, and being apart of all the activity in the house.
It is such a blessing that he is feeling better again!  I love to listen to the pitter patter of his little feet as he runs throughout the house.  I love to listen to his sounds and words, and the'stories' that he tells us in his very dynamic baby talk kind of way.  I love to see his older brother and sisters interact with him, too!

I can hardly believe that he is already 19 months old!


  1. Love this! I was looking at the photo of the girls (and Judah) playing the Wii, and I COULD NOT figure out where this was inside your house. The upper-left of the photo had different windows than I remember. Then it DAWNED on me, that your BUS was parked outside the window behind the couch. LOL Window mystery explained. :)

  2. What a joyful little man. I think he looks like his mom. I can't believe how big he is getting.