Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another new piano teacher

The blog has been going longer than piano lessons, but just for a re-cap, the older 3 girls started with Mrs. Dirks, who was a wonderful piano teacher - but a bit too pricy to add a 4th child to lessons the following year.  So we only had her for 1 year.

Then we were with Mrs. Basset, mostly because of the cost - we ended up spending about the same amount per month, but she came to the house and did lessons for 4 of them!  She was super sweet, and very kind and patient with the girls as well.  After she had her 4th baby, she decided that she was not going to travel to give lessons anymore, so we understandably said good-bye to her.

After that I was looking on Craigslist, and happened across an ad for lessons from a young lady from our church!  She really made the girls work, and their piano playing benefited from the short time she was our teacher.  But as a young lady at home, she made the choice to attend a college program to be a vet assistant...and wouldn't be able to give lessons to our girls, either.  We only had Ms. Benito for a short 6 months!

This brought us to needing to find a new piano teacher...but we were in the midst of Christmas and New Year's and then several illnesses in a row, and then we ended up to February - which means the girls have had a pretty long break, lol!  I asked Ms. Benito for recommendations for piano lessons, and got a few promising leads.  The one we went with is also a young lady at home from our church.  She also happens to have been the first helper the twins and Ashley had in choir!  They already know her, and have always loved Ms. Clements!

Now we pray that we can keep her for awhile as our piano teacher!

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