Friday, February 7, 2014

A hard year health wise...

2014 has started with a really bad cold, that has lasted for WEEKS, and now, just when I was starting to say that I *think* everyone is well...well, they are not.  (and there will be no pictures in this post!)

Now we have the dreaded stomach flu.  The stomach flu is something that has given me chills down my spine since before having children.  But now?  Now?  Now that we have 8 children, and a total of 12 people living here?  Dread has a whole new meaning!

Yesterday, everyone was fine.  We went to band.  We went to choir.  We stopped at the bank.

Over the course of the night, both twins and Justice got sick.

The morning brought the addition of Ashley and Callie to this list.

The trouble is that for the healthy ones, life needs to continue on.  For the animals, it is the same.  I went out to do the chicken chores this morning to find that they HAD no food...and I knew that we were needed to pick up pellets for the pellet stove today as well.

Fortunately, my father in law is awesome, and agreed to stay with the children while I went out to get the few essentials.

The rest of my day has been spent trying to keep up on general household pick up, while going back and forth to the sick children making sure they are drinking and asking if they need anything else...or to have their bowls dumped.

There are meals to make - but what?  And how much?  And how much should I limit if at all, those who think they feel fine?

And then there is the laundry...oh, the laundry.  It is piling up faster than the machines can get it clean...

Even so, I praise God for all that He has blessed us with.  I praise Him for the warm house, and the pellet stove that I am able to turn up to help sick children feel better.  I praise Him for the sunshine coming in through the window.  I praise Him for the blankets that are helping my children feel better.  I thank Him that He is the great Physician, and pray that He would heal them.  I praise Him for the physical strength and ability to take care of my children and to clean up after them.  I praise and thank God for the audio book we picked up at the library yesterday...

And with that, Brianna is down!  Time for me to go.  God is good, all the time!  Here's praying that we can get and stay healthy very soon!

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  1. ooooh, I am so sorry that you are going through the stomach flu in your family, especially with your helpers being the first to get sick. I will join you in praying for a speedy recovery for ALL!